Our Mission

To be the leading provider of CAD software over the internet in the mechanical design market, by satisfying our customer's needs, providing technically superior products and outstanding customer support.

CADMAX Profile

CADMAX Corporation develops and markets production CAD software for Windows® XP/7, which it delivers across the Internet. CADMAX Solid Master, the company's flagship product, is the first mid-range mechanical design product to offer feature-based solid modeling, boolean solid modeling, free-form surface modeling, and 2D drafting in a single integrated product with a common user-interface.

CADMAX products are available for purchase over the Internet at prices that are less than a quarter of the competition, making it affordable for every engineer. The latest CADMAX release features hundreds of enhancements and a completely revamped user-interface providing major improvements in CADMAX's ease-of use.

Pragmatic Strategy

Managers, engineers, designers and draftsmen all understand that in order to compete effectively they must develop multiple solutions to their design tasks. No single solution can be fully adapted to solve all design problems. 3D is increasingly becoming more important. However, many tasks continue to be performed more productively in 2D and some models require sculptured surfaces that can't be constructed using solid modeling alone. Rather than force a specific design methodology on users, CADMAX takes the pragmatic approach and lets users choose the best tool for each task. Just as a carpenter chooses the saw that's most appropriate for a task, engineers should have the choice to select the design methodology that has the "best-fit" for each project.

CADMAX's distribution strategy is based upon three critical elements; affordable prices, easy ordering and delivery through the Internet, and outstanding technical support. We believe the engineering community is well informed and knowledgeable about CAD technology and all of the mid-range CAD products are competent, each with its own particular strengths and weaknesses. It's no longer necessary for businesses to absorb the expense of local sales representatives to help them make CAD purchase decisions. CADMAX makes the evaluation and purchase process easier and passes the savings on to the engineering community. Software with tutorials, product and technical specifications and knowledgeable professional staff to answer your evaluation questions by fax, telephone or email create an environment that makes your evaluation easy.