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IGES Product Details

Best-In-Class Data Translation

The CADMAX IGES facility provides you with an accurate, high performance, and flexible mechanism for generating and processing IGES files. The data translator focuses on importing and exporting 2D, 3D, and surface data between CADMAX and other CAD/CAM/CAE software.

CADMAX Corporation knows the importance of reliable data translation in the engineering environment. Our IGES translator is based on libraries from International TechneGroup (ITI), the industry leader in data translation. ITI has developed the IGES facilities for many workstation CAD/CAE products and holds a seat on the IGES Standards Committee. IGES Works, an ITI product, is used by thousands worldwide to process IGES data. CADMAX IGES uses the same data translation libraries found in IGES Works.

Practical Usage

IGES data imported into CADMAX can form the basis for a wide variety of uses. CADMAX can be used as a hidden line engine for instantly viewing IGES data with trimmed NURBS surfaces as hidden line or shaded images. Designers can use imported 3D models as the foundation for a mold or die design. Accurate measurements can be made directly from a customer's model for development of other components. A final completed model and detail can be constructed directly from imported IGES data.

IGES data exported from CADMAX can be used as the basis for machining, a finite element analysis mesh, or to be imported into other CAD/CAM/CAE products. CADMAX IGES provides export flavoring for most of the popular CAD/CAM/CAE products.

Pick A Product

CADMAX IGES has been used extensively for accurate translation between a wide range of products, such as:

  • AutoCAD
  • CADKey
  • Intergraph
  • Pro CADAM
  • PDGS
  • Computervision
  • Unigraphics
  • I-DEAS
  • SmartCAM
  • SurfCAM
  • MasterCAM
  • SolidWorks
  • SolidEdge
  • GM CGS
  • Pro Engineer
  • CADMAX IGES Interface

    IGES runs from the Import and Export filters inside CADMAX. IGES can be added onto any CADMAX drafting product or CADMAX View Plus. The IGES import filter is capable of processing 2D, 3D, and surface geometry or a mixture of each. The IGES export filter creates an IGES file from all entities in any CADMAX drawing, including any mixture of 2D and 3D geometry, surfaces, symbols, groups, levels, fonts, and attributes.

    Use IGES with CADMAX or CADMAX Solid Master for full editing and viewing capability. Use IGES in conjunction with CADMAX View Plus to view IGES models, and if it is a 3D surface model hide and shade the model as well. IGES data imported through CADMAX View Plus can be edited using CADMAX and CADMAX Solid Master.

    A wide range of translation options are provided with CADMAX IGES. In most cases default settings are sufficient. However, there may be times you need to set specific translation flavors depending on your drawing and the applications you are translating between. Using IGES Preferences you can set each system option and recall these settings later for future use.

    Each time a file is translated, CADMAX produces a detailed error and status activity report. You can use the reports to determine how to correct errors and to find information about the translation.

    Supported IGES Entities:

    • 100 - Circular Arc
    • 102 - Composite Curve
    • 104 - Conic Arc
    • 106 - Copious Data
    • 108 - Plane
    • 110 - Line
    • 112 - Parametric Spline Curve
    • 114 - Parametric Spline Surface
    • 116 - Point
    • 118 - Ruled Surface
    • 120 - Surface of Revolution
    • 122 - Tabulated Cylinder
    • 124 - Transformation Matrix
    • 126 - Rational B-spline Curve
    • 128 - Rational B-spline Surface
    • 130 - Offset Curve
    • 140 - Offset Surface
    • 142 - Curve on a Parametric Surface
    • 143 - Bounded Surface
    • 144 - Trimmed Surface
    • 202 - Angular Dimension
    • 204 - Curve Dimension
    • 206 - Diameter Dimension
    • 208 - Flag Note
    • 210 - General Label
    • 212 - General Note
    • 214 - Leader
    • 216 - Linear Dimension
    • 218 - Ordinate Dimension
    • 220 - Point Dimension
    • 222 - Radius Dimension
    • 228 - General Symbol
    • 230 - Sectioned Area
    • 304 - Line Font Definition
    • 308 - Subfigure Definition
    • 314 - Color Definition
    • 402 - Associativity Instance
    • 404 - Drawing Entity
    • 406 - Property
    • 408 - Subfigure Instance
    • 410 - View

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