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SolidMaster Product Details: Boolean Solid Modeling

Boolean solid modeling enables users to create solid models without concerning themselves with history trees, constraints, and parametrics associated with feature-based solid modeling. Designers treat the product model as though it were a piece of clay making it easy to modify the model without requiring that the designer understand previous modeling steps or constraints.

A common user-interface between boolean and feature-based modeling enables designers to use identical functions to perform the same actions on either type of model. Designers can start with locally constructed models or imported boolean models and apply features to the model or utilize boolean solids techniques to complete an entire project. CADMAX Solid Master offers full associativity between a boolean solid model and detail drawings.

Among its features, CADMAX Solid Master includes three boolean operations that can greatly simplify and decrease the number of steps needed to perform complex 3D operations. Consider drilling a hole into an object. With surface modeling, placing a simple hole in an object requires a minimum of 18 steps. When the hole or cut out is more complex, the number of steps could easily increase. Conversely, using boolean solid modeling requires only four steps, no matter how complex the hole.

With Boolean functions, many complex operations become greatly simplified. Examples of such operations are constructing profiles, placing holes in objects, cut outs, adding constructive elements, and moving and resizing holes.

CADMAX Solid Master has the following features for boolean solid modeling:

* Boolean operations: add, subtract, intersect
* Create solids using extrude and revolve
* Fixed and variable radius fillets
* Fixed and variable width chamfers
* Shell and hollow
* Apply draft angle to selected surfaces
* Thin wall extrude
* Integration with free-form surface models
* Automatic conversion of wireframe geometry to solid model
* Create global solid components and reuse them in drawings

Smooth Transition from 2D to 3D

CADMAX Solid Master offers users an easy and natural path to progress from 2D to solid modeling. New users can become familiar with CADMAX using traditional 2D and 3D design methods and gradually convert to solid modeling without having to learn a whole new approach to building 3D models. CADMAX is the perfect platform for the 2D user looking to move toward 3D solid modeling.

CADMAX Solid Master includes technology to automatically change topology from 2D to surfaces, to solids and back again. For example, a designer can start a project using surfaces and automatically convert the surface model to a solid while CADMAX checks the integrity of the model. Complex shapes that are difficult to construct using solid modeling techniques can easily be modeled using free-form surface modeling and then instantly added to the solid.

Running with a single user-interface, CADMAX eliminates redundancy making the software extremely easy to learn and use. For example, identical commands are used to apply a fillet, whether it is a solid or surface model. Geometry creation, whether 2D or 3D, use the same commands.

Full Featured 3D Construction

CADMAX provides unparalleled user productivity by combining an exclusive two-level user-interface that substantially reduces menu selections with comprehensive capabilities for designing and detailing. Hidden Line Design alone enables the designer to model faster and with fewer errors simply by permitting the designer to see exactly what the part looks like -- rather than having to work with a rendered image with lines obscured. As the design progresses the hidden line views update automatically. Geometry identification, normally difficult with wireframe and shaded views, is easily accomplished without concern for snapping to or selecting wrong geometry.

CADMAX solves many design problems that are inherent to 3D in as few steps as possible. Complex projections to off-axis surfaces require only two inputs to complete. Independent working planes speed geometry creation. Start an operation in one view and finish it in another, where it's easier to see. 3D views can interact in a 2D mode, simplifying construction by overcoming limitations associated with the depth in a view.

CADMAX Solid Master has the following features for 3D construction:

* Background and incremental interactive hidden line and shading
* 3D dynamics for superior viewing
* Extensive command echoes show results before anchoring
* Input in any 3D view at any time without restriction
* Numerous features for constructing complex geometry from basic shapes
* Extensive facilities to control geometry orientation and depth
* Simple two-level menu structure speeds learning and reduces menu selections
* Associative dimensions change automatically with the model
* Dimensions guide you through detailing by automatically forming for the insertion view

Parasolid Exchange Facility

CADMAX Solid Master adds the ability to import/export models in Parasolid format, frequently called a "transmit" file. The facility permits CADMAX users to easily exchange solid models with products that also use Parasolid. The most prominent products in this area are Unigraphics, SolidWorks, SolidEdge and IronCAD. A number of other products also use Parasolid for applications such as data translators, FEA, robotics, and CAE.

The ability to exchange 3D geometry as a solid, as opposed to exchanging geometry in surface or wireframe topology, means that the model has complete integrity. A solid cannot be formed unless the part is a closed, valid object. Therefore, the model that comes from a Parasolid transmit file must be valid. In addition, the model won't contain extraneous geometry that could communicate the wrong information.

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