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Subscription Services

CADMAX's technical services are among the most complete and professional services available in the industry, providing users everything they need, at an affordable price, to get the most out of CADMAX. Technical support is provided directly by the company, ensuring you have direct access to knowledgeable CADMAX professionals. CADMAX subscription services include:

• Telephone, email, and fax support provided directly by CADMAX Corporation.
• Upgrades to the current versions of CADMAX
• Service Paks available over the internet
• Affordable rates. Lowest subscription rates among mid-range CAD vendors
• Use of CADMAX's Internet Web site for latest news, technical information, updates, and tutorials
• Discounts on CADMAX User Conferences and training seminars
• Influence product direction with suggestions for enhancements

Telephone, email, and fax support. Whether you're down the street or across the ocean, CADMAX provides responsive and knowledgeable answers to your most baffling questions. If we can't quickly give you an answer, we have direct access to CADMAX's software engineering staff. They'll get you an answer, because they wrote the code.

Upgrades and enhancements. CADMAX has a long established record of annual new product releases dating back to 1984 and continuous Service Paks throughout the release cycle. Service Paks are available to subscription customers through CADMAX's web site. You will receive an email notice with each new upgrade when it becomes available. Our engineering staff is constantly adding new features to each release and responds quickly to reported problems.

Influence product direction. Product enhancements are customer driven. Each new version of CADMAX strives to meet subscriber requests for product improvements. Your suggestions have a direct influence on the future direction of CADMAX products.

Affordable rates. We think CADMAX's subscription services are the best value in the industry. Below industry average rates, and above industry average support. Over a 5 year period, CADMAX's cost of ownership is less than one-half its competition. More value for your dollar, yen, won, lire, pound, mark...

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