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SolidMaster Product Details: 2D Drafting

For users that are serious about 2D design productivity, CADMAX Solid Master offers industry leading performance with full-function 2D design and drafting software. CADMAX's 2D capabilities make it an ideal solution for applications that don't require surface or solid modeling. CADMAX is used in 2D for practically any design, including tool and die, plastics, sheet metal, electrical, facility planning, P&ID, mechanical components, or complete mechanical systems. Thousands still use CADMAX Solid Master just for its 2D capabilities.

CADMAX has a rich set of 2D design capabilities including associative dimensioning, intelligent snapping, associative hatch patterns, global dimension editing, global component libraries, reference files, automatic picture clean-up to eliminate regens, unlimited undo/redo, and sectional properties. Each CADMAX function is notable for its completeness, letting you, for example, decide which of 16 ways to draw a circle or 23 ways to select geometry. The flexibility of each feature gives you complete control to design with optimum productivity.

Built on the clarity of a two-level modeless menu structure, full sentence context-sensitive prompts, and clear visual cues, CADMAX is easier to operate than other CAD programs. Utilizing a flexible command structure that permits you to set variables at any time during a command, you are less likely to make a mistake and if one is made, CADMAX is more forgiving.

Another compelling aspect of CADMAX is the wide array of methods that geometry can be structured to obtain maximum flexibility and optimum performance. Organize your drawings with entities, groups, marriages, unlimited layers, local and global component libraries, and reference files.

The consolidating force behind CADMAX is its lightning-fast speed. Using its own display list processing, time consuming picture regens are completely eliminated. Optimized for large drawings, CADMAX is always responsive to your demands.

Extend your drafting capabilities with 2D parametric drafting by adding on CADMAX Paradraft. Convert 2D to feature-based solid models or 3D to 2D. Generate Bill of Material reports automatically. Import or export drawings effortlessly to or from DWG or DXF. Customize CADMAX with macros, create your own tool bars, and write programs in Pascal, C or C++.

2D drawings are going to continue to be used as an important CAD tool far into the future. That's why production-level 2D is included with CADMAX Solid Master, backed by years of field proven use by thousands of engineers and designers.

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